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How to Join a Program Point with a Zoom Link
How to Join a Program Point with a Zoom Link

Sometimes, Companies will choose to host their program points on Zoom. This article will show you how to join those sessions on Zoom.

Written by Patrick Dakkach
Updated over a week ago

Some companies attending an event may choose to host their own Program Points on an external video conferencing website like Zoom or Teams. Joining one of these program points is simple, but it requires that you pay attention ! 

Finding the Link:

The first think you will have to do, is find the link towards the external video conferencing tool. Companies and recruiters will have taken care to share think link on their respective program points prior to the event going live. To find these links, you have three options.

Special Note: These links will not be hyperlinks, and you will be required to manually copy and paste them in their respective tools in order to be able to join the program point.

Option 1:

The first way you can find the link the external program point is by going to the "Program" tab. From there, scroll down to the Speech or Session you are interested in joining and then pay attention to its description. You will find the external link there.

Option 2:

If you find it hard to copy the link from the description, or simply wish to have a better view of the description, simply click on the program point you are interested in joining, and this will open up its detailed view.  As part of this view, you will also see the link to the external video conferencing tool.

 Option 3: 

The last way for you to find the link to an external program point, is by clicking on the "join" button on Talentspace. 

Please be aware that you will not redirect you to the external program point ! 

However, company recruiters will have shared a pdf as a presentation prior to starting the Speech or Session, and this presentation will give you details on how to join the program point. 

For example: In the case of the screenshot you see bellow, recruiters have opted to display a PDF with the Zoom link clearly shown, redirecting you to the appropriate tool.

If for any reason you still require assistance, don't hesitate to contact us via the red intercom button found on the bottom right of the platform.

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