Managing your QR code for your Live Booth

This article will show you hot to obtain your QR code for your live booth, and explain why it is useful, and how to properly use it.

Written by Patrick Dakkach
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Obtaining your QR code:

Only the event organizer can provide you with the QR code for your Live Booth. So if the event organizer has not yet provided you with your QR code, make sure to contact them in order to receive it. The QR code can be obtained as either a PDF or PNG, so make sure to request the one that would best suit your needs. 

Once obtained, your QR code will feature the event name, your company name, and the QR code itself. 
Please note that your QR code is unique to your company and no two companies receive the same QR code. 

How to use your QR code:

The best way to use your QR code is to display it at your in person live booth and to ensure that the talents you find interesting that visit your booth scan it

The real advantage of your Talentspace QR code is that it allows you to digitally keep track of the talents that visited your booth. So instead of taking physical CVs to review later from individual talents, simply have them scan your QR code ! 

Every talent that scans your code will be saved on to a "list" in your Talent Database, and from there you will have the option to review their profiles and CVs, contact them, and setup a 1-1 chat.

How to access your QR code list:

To see the profile of all the talents that scanned your QR codes, you first need to access our Talent database.
To do so, head to your Talentspace dashboard and press on the "Talent Profiles" tab.

Once there, you can choose to filter your Talent database to a single event, or keep it set on "All Events". The former will show you the talents that attended that particular event while the latter will show you all talents from all your events.

Once you are satisfied with your event filter, scroll down to the bottom of the left hand side column and toggle the "Only show profiles who visited your in-person Booth". This, will automatically only show you the profiles of the students who visited, and scanned, your QR code during your live booth.

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