Live Booth & Company QR Codes

This article will show you how to get live booth QR codes for the companies attending your events.

Written by Patrick Dakkach
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When organizing an event, you have the opportunity to provide individual QR codes to the companies and recruiters hosting Live Booths. Traditionally, students who attend these booths in person gave a physical copy of their CVs to each recruiter they met.

Talentspace offers you a way to digitalize this step by providing individualized QR codes to each recruiter hosting a live booth. Now, whenever a recruiter meets an interesting  prospective talent, he can have that talent scan his QR code.  After doing so, the recruiter will be able to find that Talent's profile in the Talent database along with all his information and CV.  

How to find the Company QR codes:

Each company allowed to host in person live booths during your event, will be generated a unique QR code they should display at their live booth.

To find a company's QR code head to your event dashboard. From there click on the "Companies" tab. Then, click on "Management" tab.
From there, click on the company you want the QR code for, and press on either the "Get QR code as a PDF" or "Get QR code as a PNG". Both buttons will provide the same QR code the only thing that changes is the file format. Choose which ever format best suits your needs.

Please note, that recruiters cannot obtain these QR codes without you. Only the event organizer can provide companies and recruiters their personal QR codes. So once obtained, make sure to send each QR code to their respective companies.

Best Practices: Using the QR codes

There are multiple ways you can give each company their QR codes, but Talentspace recommends 2 options in particular: 

  1. Send the QR codes digitally to each company/recruiter via email and ensure they display them on their booths

  2. Print out copies of the QR codes and display them on the event day. You can either give out the copies of the QR codes to the recruiters, or display them yourselves in advance in the rooms or on the booths that you have set up.

After you've distributed the QR codes to their respective companies, it is important to remind the recruiters to display these QR codes in their live booth.

In addition, recruiters should encourage the talents they found interesting to scan these codes. By doing so, each talent that scans the QR code will automatically be added to a live booth "list" in the recruiter's Talent database; allowing the recruiter to quickly and easily reach out to those talents at a later date. 

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