It is possible for you and your colleagues to join each other's 1-1 Chats. This is a useful feature that allows for more flexibility for you and your colleagues. For example, in case of unforeseen circumstances, you may take over your colleague's 1-1 Chat, or even cancel/reschedule them on their behalf.


Step 1 - Managing the 1-1 Chats

Upon logging into your account, click on the event you are participating in. Next click on the "1-1 Chats" tab and click on "Manage 1-1 Chats"

Step 2 - Finding your Colleague's 1-1 Chat

After clicking on "Manage 1-1 Chats" click on the "All 1-1 Chats" tab. This will take you to a list of all the 1-1 Chats requests that have been sent, received, pending, and confirmed.
Click on the "All Status" button and use the filters to help you find the 1-1 Chat you are looking for.

Once you've found the 1-1 Chat you were looking for, press on it to open an options window.

Step 3 - Joining or Canceling your colleague's 1-1 Chat.

From this option's window click on the red "Join" button in order to join your colleague's 1-1 Chat.

In the case of unforeseen emergencies you can cancel your colleague's 1-1 chat and have the talent reschedule with a new recruiter. For this, simply leave the talent a message in the message box, and press on "Cancel Request".

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