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Before the event

When you first log in to the platform, you will arrive in your recruiter dashboard where you will see any live and upcoming events. When entering an upcoming event you will arrive direct in the lobby tab of that event.

Once inside the lobby of an upcoming event you can complete three steps that will set you up well for the event. These three are, completing your profile, requests the 1-1 chats (just in case there is this program format) , and create your event agenda. We recommend you completing these three steps in order to best represent yourself in the upcoming event.

Further down, you will find more information about the jobs that companies have posted on the job wall of the event and you can click on the "Browse companies" button in order to view which companies are going to be taking part in the event.

After completing all of the four set up steps you can view the "My schedule" button where you will find the program points of the event, such as 1-1 chats, Speeches, Live booths and Sessions.

During the event

On the day of the event the lobby will have a different look if program points are currently live. There will be a carousel that showcases current live program points as well as on 'ongoing program points' section and live booths section. You will be able to join program points from each of these sections.

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