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How to set up 1-1 Chats for an event
How to set up 1-1 Chats for an event

Basic 1-1 Chats setup

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Important note: The new 1-1 Chat features will be available only for newly created events. Existing events will not be affected by this update. If you require the new 1-1 Chats for an existing event, please get in touch with us.

Step 1 - Create a new 1-1 Chat format

To create 1-1 Chats in your event, navigate to "Structure" under "Event setup" and select "Add format".

Step 2 - Set details for 1-1 Chats

To configure 1-1 Chats, select the date, as well as the start time and end time. The start time and end time indicate the time frame in which 1-1 Chats can take place. You can add multiple time windows to add breaks for recruiters and talents.

Next, you have to choose the duration of the 1-1 Chats. You can select from 10 min up to 60 min. If you do select multiple options, recruiters participating in the event will have the option to choose their preferred duration.

In the last step you choose whether you want to host in-person or virtual 1-1 Chats, this option will only show up if you are hosting a hybrid event. Keep in mind that you can only choose in-person or virtual 1-1 Chat per day, this means it's not possible to have both on the same day.

Step 3 - Repeat steps for each day

After saving you can repeat these steps for other event days you want to host 1-1 Chats.

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