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How to schedule 1-1 Chats with recruiters
How to schedule 1-1 Chats with recruiters

Scheduling and participating in 1-1 chats with recruiters

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1-1 Chats are private video chats between you and one recruiter that provide space for deeper conversations, such as interviews or coffee chats. Depending on how your event organizer has configured the 1-1 Chat format, requests can be sent by either recruiters, talents, or both.

They are a great way for you to network and connect with recruiters.

Find out everything you need to know about 1-1 Chats with the following steps.

Step 1 - Explore recruiters

As soon as you register for the event, you will need to start exploring recruiters to send requests. In the 1-1 Chat tab you can find all recruiters that are available for 1-1 Chats.

Step 2 - Book or request 1-1 Chats

Recruiters can either decide to open their schedule for Direct Booking or limit it to Selective Booking.

Direct Booking

If the button is set to "Book 1-1 chat", it means that you can directly choose a slot from the recruiter's calendar and you do not need to be approved to speak with the recruiter.

Selective Booking

If the button is set to "Request 1-1 chat" this recruiter is using Selective Booking. You first have to send a request that needs to be accepted by the recruiter before you can book a 1-1 Chat.

Step 3 - Monitoring requests

By clicking on the " My 1-1 Chats " tab you can manage all your 1-1 Chats.

On the left side, you can see all the requests that still require action from your side, you need to pick a time or reject the 1-1 Chat. You can also use the drop-down to review sent, declined, or canceled requests.

On the right side, you can see all your confirmed 1-1 Chats ordered by day and time. At the appointed time you can also join the 1-1 Chat from here.

Step 4- Confirming requests and selecting a time slot

If a recruiter accepts your request, it will show up in the "Open requests" tab for you to pick a time slot in their calendar. By picking a time the 1-1 Chat is scheduled and confirmed.

Please note that on some occasions it could happen that a recruiter sent you a request, but other talents have already taken all available time slots. This may change at a later point if recruiters or talents choose to reschedule or cancel some chats, and new slots could potentially open up again.

Step 5- Joining a 1-1 Chat

During the live event, you can access a confirmed 1-1 Chat through either the "1-1 Chat" tab or the "My Schedule" tab. Simply click on the “Join” button to access the video chat.

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