In order to make event creation on Talentspace even more intuitive and easy to follow, we updated the organizer sidebar by rearranging the order, and renaming some of the tabs.

While the wording and the structure may have changed, the actual content within each tab is still the same.

New wording:

Event details ➡️ Event setup

Settings ➡️ Details

Program formats ➡️ Structure

Event schedule ➡️ Program points

Participants ➡️ Talents

Job listings ➡️ Jobs

Live feed ➡️ Additional resources

Analytics ➡️ Dashboard

These are the exact changes:

📈 Upon entering the event you set up, the first tab is now your dashboard, (which used to be the analytics section). The dashboard allows you to track any statistics in the lead-up to your event, such as overall registrations or the sign-ups to specific program points. This is also where you can monitor the ongoings of your live event on event day, and where you can later on download the post-event analytics.

🔧 The order of creating your event is now easier to follow. The first step is the "Event setup" section, where you fill in the details (previously called "Settings") and set up your event structure. The "Structure" tab allows you to add in the time slots for the interaction formats of your event, so Speeches, Sessions, Live Booths and 1-1 Chats (previously called "Program formats").

🏢 After that you can add in your participating companies. The "Companies" tab has remained the same, allowing you to manage company profiles in the "Management" tab, manage recruiters in the "Recruiters" tab and view any job openings in the "Jobs" tab (previously called "Job listings").

🗓 The next step is adding in your program points in the "Program points" tab (previously called "Event schedule").

🎓 The "Talents" section now groups together anything that relates to your participating talents: The "Landing page", the "Registration" and the talent "Profiles".

Here you get to design your landing page and decide which information you would like to show, set up the registration process for talents and view their individual profiles once they registered.

🕹 Once you set all of this up, you can now publish and grant access to your event in the "Event controls" section, which has also remained the same.

📢 You can manage your "Announcements" in the "Communications" section, which has remained the same as well. The previous "Live feed" section is now called "Additional resources".

For a detailed explanation of the different event creation steps in the new order, follow our updated click- through guide

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