Whether you are organizing an event for third parties or hosting your own internal event, you may want to have a look at the individual participants who registered for your event. In the "Participants" overview you can view their full profiles and CVs, download their information or send out emails.


In the "Events" dashboard you will find your event overview. Click on the settings icon of the event you are setting up and select "Event details." Next, go to the "Talents" section and select "Profiles".

Step 1 - Participants overview

The participants overview is a list of all registered participants. By clicking on "Download" in the top right corner of this section, you will be able to download a list of all the participant's information in an excel file. If you asked them any custom questions during the registration flow, the answers to these questions will appear here.

To remove someone from you event you would have to click on the three dots located on the right side of the individual profile.

Step 2 - Viewing individual profiles

By clicking on a participant's name, you can open up and view their entire profile. Here you can browse through all of the information they provided, regarding their background, interests and values.

Step 3 - Communication and downloading CVs

Once you have opened a participant's profile, you can now view and download their CVs and manage the communications on the right hand side. When clicking
"💬 Send Message" you will be able to send the participant an e-mail, and you can also indicate to your team members whether you already contacted them, by ticking the "I have contacted this talent" box below.

For profiles that you find specifically interesting, you can "upvote" their profiles by clicking on the heart icon in the top right corner, or you can leave comments as well.

Leaving comments and upvoting individual profiles is not known or visible to the participants - only you and your team will be able to see this.

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