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Event settings for recruiting events hosted for your own company

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Filling out the "Details" page is the first step when creating your event, as it includes all the important key data such as the event name, type and dates. Here you get to decide whether your event should be virtual, hybrid or in-person.


In the "Events" Dashboard you will find your event overview. Click on "➕ Create Event" in the top right corner.

Step 1 - Fill in the basics

Here you can upload a cover image (min. 1200 x 400 px) to make your event visuals stand out. Choose a name for your event and add a description, so everyone participating can get a better idea of what the event is about.

Step 2 - Choose an event type

Next, decide whether your event is going to be virtual, hybrid or in-person.

For "Virtual", the entire event will be happening online. If you select "Hybrid", you can choose to have certain program points online, while having others offline. For an "In-Person" event, the Talentspace platform will be solely your planning tool - all your program points will be hosted in-person.Next, decide whether your event is going to be virtual, hybrid or in-person.

⚠️ Please be aware that once you have set up the event type, this cannot be changed afterwards.

Step 3 - Select the timezone and dates

If you are hosting a virtual event, choose a timezone as well as the exact date, start and end time. You can choose multiple days for your event, and these do not have to be consecutive days.

For both hybrid and in-person events you will have to enter a physical location as well.

Step 4 - Choose the participants of the event

Finally, select who will be participating in your event. For hosting recruiting events for your own company, please select "Only my company".

  • Only My Company: Your organization is the sole company participating in this event

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