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Does Talentspace support closed captioning?
Does Talentspace support closed captioning?

Enabling closed captioning with Google Slides or PowerPoint

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As a speaker when hosting one of the Talentspace video formats, you can leverage Google Slides or Microsoft Powerpoint to add real-time closed captions.

Note: Talents also have the option to enable Google Chrome's Live Caption feature to turn on live captioning while listening in or participating in our video sessions.

These are the captioning options:

1) Enable closed captions on Google Slides

Step 1: Open your presentation in Google Slides (You may have to upload your presentation to Google Slides if it is saved somewhere else).

Step 2: Click on "View" and select "Slideshow" from the drop down menu.

Step 3: Click the captions button at the bottom of your screen (three stacked dots).

Step 4: Go to "Captions preferences" and select "Toggle Captions"

After that, captions will appear in real time as you speak.

2) Enable closed captions in Microsoft PowerPoint

Step 1: Open your presentation in Microsoft Powerpoint. You will need to use PowerPoint v16.0.11601.20178 (Windows) or v16.22.127.0 (Mac) to enable closed captioning.

Step 2: Click Slide Show and check off “Always Use Subtitles”.

4. How to set up automated captioning in PowerPoint and how to record it -  Myplace Support - University of Strathclyde Wiki

Captions will appear in real time as you speak. Click the Toggle Subtitles icon in the presenter toolbar to turn captions on and off. You will also be able to customize the language and display of the captions by using the subtitle settings menu.

Share your screen

Once you have enabled closed captions using Google Slides or PowerPoint, simply click on the screen sharing icon just below your live image while you are hosting one of our video formats. Select the screen or tab with your Google Slides or Powerpoint presentation and the audience will then be able to view the presentation with closed captions.

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