Creating teams and adding team members
Setting up team profiles and assigning them to events
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Teams are the best way to organize who will be taking part in your events. They allow you to group individuals together to save time and be more efficient when setting up events, and show different facets of your company to talents - this could be adding an EMEA team to cover a European hiring drive, or a tech team when you need to bolster your development workforce. Multiple teams can attend one event, and individuals can be a part of multiple teams.

🏅Best practice:

We recommend setting up teams via "My company" and then going to the "Teams" tab. You can find a detailed article on how to do this here.

Otherwise, you can also set it up via the Teams tab from the organizer view with these steps:


In the "Events" dashboard you will find your event overview. Click on the settings icon of the event you are setting up and select "Manage event." Next, go to the "Teams" tab and then select "Management".

Step 1 - Adding existing teams

If this is not your first event and you already created team profiles in the past, you can simply add them to your new event.

To add an existing team to your event, click on "Add teams" in the top right corner of the Management section.

You will then be able to see a list of all your existing teams. Simply select all teams you want to participate, and then click on "Assign Teams to the Event".

Step 2 - Creating a new team

If you would like to set up a new teams profile, click on "Create new team" in the top right corner of that same pop-up window.

Next, the set up page for a new teams profile is going to open, and you can add a cover image (1200x400), a logo, and add the team name. You also have the option to add some more details by clicking on the "Additional Information" section.

Here you can add a description, upload a photo, embed a vimeo or youtube video and upload PDF documents.

Please note that the individual teams have advanced options for filling out these details and can do so later on once they logged in.

You can read more on this here.

Step 3 - Manage their details

Step 4 - Add contacts

You can manage and add team members in the "Recruiters" tab, which is also located in the "Teams" section in the left side navigation bar.

Here you will see an overview of all contacts from all teams. You can search for their names or filter for specific details, as well as see their status (joined or pending). If their invitation is still pending you can resend the invite, or you can also remove users from the event by clicking on the three dots.

Adding new or existing contacts can also be done from this tab, simply by clicking on "Add New" or "Add Existing" in the top right corner.

When adding existing contacts, you can simply select them from the list, and then click on "Add to event".

For new contacts, you will only have to enter their first and last name, as well as their email address, and then click on "Send Invite".

You do not have to invite every single contact. Once individual team members join the platform, they can invite their colleagues and add them to different teams and events.

You can read more on this here.

Step 5 - View Jobs

In the "Jobs" tab, located in the "Teams" section on the left side navigation bar, you will see all jobs that have been posted by your participating teams. Job postings can be created and then assigned to the different teams by the individual team members in their teams view - this is not something that has to be done by you.

You can read more on how individual team members can create and assign job postings here.

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