🎓 Talentspace is hosting bi-weekly training sessions for recruiters in English and German. These are general platform trainings, and open to all companies from all different events and organizers.

In the trainings we cover topics such as:

  • Completing the personal and company profile

  • Running the technical checks

  • Setting up the 1-1 chat calendar

  • How to create and host our video formats

  • How to join program points on event day

  • How to work with the talent database

🎥 You can share this article with your recruiters, which includes the join link for the Zoom meeting as well as the timetable for upcoming training sessions.

⚠️ If no recruiters arrive within the first 10 minutes of the session, we will end the Zoom call on the assumption that no one is joining. Please let your recruiters know that it is therefore necessary to show up on time.

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