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Talentspace for organizers hosting virtual, in person or hybrid events with multiple companies
Recruiter FAQ - The most common questions about companies participating in your event
Recruiter FAQ - The most common questions about companies participating in your event
Frequently asked questions about companies and their recruiters
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We compiled the most frequently asked questions organizers have about the participating companies and their recruiters in this article.

1) Does every recruiter get their own Talentspace account or is it a company- wide login?

Every recruiter has their own personal account and therefore their own login credentials - however, this does not mean you have to invite every single recruiter to the platform yourself. You only need to invite one point of contact for each company profile, and they can then add their team via the "Colleagues" feature.

2) Does every recruiter have their own personal profile or is it a company- wide profile?

Each recruiter is part of their company's profile, which includes extensive information on the company, FAQs and even job postings. Aside from that, each recruiter also has their own personal profile which provides a little more insight on them personally.

You can read more about recruiters' personal profiles here
and more about company profiles here.

3) Do recruiters fill out their company profiles or can organizers do this?

Both is possible. Once you start adding companies to your event, you can fill out most of the profiles yourself, or leave this to the recruiters after they joined the platform. Jobs and FAQs however, can only be added to the company profiles by recruiters.

4) Can recruiters post jobs on Talentspace?

Recruiters can embed job postings on Talentspace, by adding the link to their original job post (for example on their website or LinkedIn). They can add basic information on the job, and then add them to the events they want the jobs to be visible for. Talents can view these job openings and will then be redirected to the embedded link should they choose to apply.

Read more about how recruiters can post jobs here.

5) Do recruiters have access to all talents' individual profiles?

Recruiters are able to view profiles of all talents participating in your events in the talent database, and they have multiple filter options. They can also save interesting profiles to lists, and "like", comment and share profiles within their team. Talents will not be notified about this.

However, you do have the option to restrict certain companies from viewing the talent database.

You can read more about the talent database here.

6) Is there a messaging function on the platform for recruiters and talents to communicate?

There is no on-platform messaging for recruiters and talents, however, recruiters do have the option to reach out to talents via email if you gave them access to the talent database.

You can read more about how recruiters can contact talents here.

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