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Downloading post-event analytics

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As an organizer you are able to view and monitor the pre-event, live event and post-event analytics. Specifically the post- event analytics can provide a lot of meaningful insight for you to review your event and analyze the data, as well as collect improvement ideas for your next event.


In the "Events" tab on the left side navigation bar, you will find your event overview. Click on the event you are setting up. The "Dashboard" is going to show you any analytics for your event. Select the "Post Event" tab.

In the "Post Event" tab, you will have a "Download" button, which lets you download an Excel file with all the statistics.

This will become available to you 2 hours after the event has ended.

The Excel file includes a general overview of the number of registrations, total number of check-ins for talents and recruiters, as well as the number of talents, recruiters and organizers who participated in video sessions.

At the bottom of the Excel file, you will also find an individual tabs for data on:

  • Talent sign-ups

  • Talent connections

  • Recruiter connections

  • Talent check-ins

  • Recruiter check-ins

  • Sessions (Speeches named 'keynote' and Sessions named 'insight_session')

  • Virtual Booths (named Live booths)

  • 1-1 Chats per company

  • 1-1 Chats per person

🏅Best practice:

Aside from reviewing the post-event analytics, it is also always a good idea to collect feedback from all of your participants. Consider sending out post-event surveys to your talents and recruiters to find out what they enjoyed most and what could be improved to make your next event even better.

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