The dashboard - monitoring the pre-event phase and your live event

Manage your event with the live analytics and different view points

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Once the planning phase is done and it is officially event day, there are a few different options for you to best manage your live event. You can attend the event from different view points, or monitor all of the program formats via the dashboard tab. Here's how:


In the "Events" tab on the left side navigation bar, you will find your event overview. Click on the event you are setting up. You will find any statistics in your "Dashboard".

Monitor the live event analytics

In the dashboard you have access to the pre- event, live event and post event analytics. The "Live Event" analytics tab is a great way to view the ongoings of your event. Here you will see statistics on all check-ins, on employers and participants that are currently live, as well as all of your program formats.

Each interaction format has their own tab for you to browse through and to see how many recruiters and talents are participating in each. As the organizer, you can also join all program points from here (except for 1-1 Chats, as those are private chats).

Talent view

You can also register for the event as a regular participant to see it from a different point of view. To do so, simply copy the link to your landing page and then register for your event.

Step 1 - Copy the link to your event landing page

Step 2 - Open the landing page in a new tab

When signing in as a talent, please be sure to log out of your organizer account first, or otherwise use an incognito window.

💡 Tip: To be able to view your event as an organizer and as a talent at the same time, you can open an incognito window and enter the event as a talent from there.

Step 3 - Register via the landing page

Click on "Register Now" on your event landing page.

Step 4 - Fill in your details to create an account

❗️Please note that you will have to enter a different email address here than the one you are using for your organizer account, as one email address can only belong to one and not multiple accounts.

Step 5 - View the different program points

Browse through the event and view all available tabs from a talent's point of view.

➡️ Following the event creation guide? Here is the next step:

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