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Organizer account settings and inviting your organizer team to the platform

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The first step after you have received your organizer login credentials from Talentspace is to do some basic account navigation to familiarize yourself with the platform.

At the bottom of the left side navigation bar you will find your personal account settings.

Here you can add a picture and some details about yourself, such as your location, job title and a short description.

This is also the area where you can update your account password.

At the top of the left side navigation bar you have the "Events" tab, which is an overview of all your past, current and upcoming events once you created them. To create a new event, simply click on "➕ Create Event" in the top right corner.

By clicking on the settings icon of one of your events in this overview, you will be able to duplicate an event.

The "Edit Account" tab is where you can add information to your organizer account.

Other than your personal profile settings, this is an overview of you as the organizer, so this information will be the same for you and your entire organizer team. You can add a picture, email address and a description for the type of events you will organize.

The email address you enter here is where participants can contact you, for example when clicking on " ✉️ Contact the Organizer" on the landing page after you published your event.

Participants' view:

Feel free to also add some links to your social media, such as Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.

At the bottom of this section you will have your events gallery, which is an overview of all your event's landing pages.

You can publish this gallery and then copy and send out the link if you would like to showcase it, or you can choose to preview what your gallery would look like.

The "Team" tab is an overview of your entire organizer team, and also where you can send out invitations to your colleagues. To add another organizer to your team, simply click on "Add new" in the top right corner, and then enter their name and email address.

(Please be aware of the maximum number of allowed organizer accounts defined in your contract).

The team overview also shows you which of your team members have joined, or whether their invitation is still pending, and you can resend invitations or remove certain users by clicking on the 3 dots on the right side.

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