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Scheduling on-platform and email announcements and uploading materials to your additional resources section

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The communications area of your event allows you to interact with your talents and recruiters via the additional resources or the announcements. Announcements are typically communications, calls to action or tips on how to have a successful event for either the participants or your colleagues. Here’s how to make announcements and upload materials to the additional resources section:


In the "Events" tab on the left side navigation bar, you will find your event overview. Click on the event you are setting up. In the "Communications" section, select "Announcements". To make a new announcement, click on “➕ Add Announcement” in the top right corner.

Step 1 - Define the announcement details

First, choose your audience: your announcement can be made to either your talents or employers, and you can also click on the box "Checked-in only" which means that the announcement will be sent to the ones that have already accessed to the event.

You can also select whether you want to notify them additionally via email by toggling "Yes" or "No", and you can choose to pre-schedule an announcement. Simply select the time and date, and the announcement will be made at that exact point in time you chose.

Step 2 - Make an announcement

Next, choose a title and then write your announcement in the empty text field. Then, simply click on “⨁ Add Announcement”.

Once an announcement has been posted, it will appear in the dashboards of employers or participants as well as in the notification section symbolized by the little bell icon in their top navigation bar.

Step 3 - Editing or cancelling announcements

All your announcements will now appear in the overview. If you pre-scheduled an announcement and it has not yet been posted, you can edit it by clicking on the 3 dots in the top right corner.

You can also delete the announcements, by clicking on the 3 dots, edit announcements and you will find at the bottom the "delete" button.

Step 4 - Designing the resources section

In the "Additional resources" tab of your event, all attendees will find an “Other Resources” section, which typically includes the technical checklist, a link to the Talentspace tech support and to our help center. You can switch these on our off for your recruiters and/ or talents.

If you have your own resources you would like to share, you can upload materials in the form of a PDF document or embed the link to a website for your attendees. To do so, click on “Upload Materials” at the bottom of the "Additional resources" tab, which is also located in the "Communications" section.

Simply select which resources section you would like to show the material in (employers or participants) and then upload either a PDF file or paste a website link.

Next, add a title and description, or you could even add an image for your materials. After that, click on "Upload".

You can always edit or delete your uploaded materials by clicking on "Edit".

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