Adding company profiles and recruiters

Setting up company profiles and inviting recruiters to the platform

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The participating companies make up one of the most important aspects of your Talentspace event. Learn how to create company profiles, add recruiters, view their job posts and work with different sponsoring tiers with the following 7 steps.


In the "Events" tab on the left side navigation bar, you will find your event overview. Click on the event you are setting up. In the "Companies" section, select "Management".

Step 1 - Adding existing employers

To add an employer to your event, click on "Company" in the top right corner of the Management section.

If this is not your first event, and you would like to revive previously used company profiles, you can search for them in the search bar, select them and then simply click on "Confirm".

The complete profile is going to show up in the overview.

Step 2 - Creating a new company profile

If you are setting up a new company profile, click on "Add new company" at the bottom of the "Add company" pop-up window.

The set up page of the company profile is going to open next, and the minimum information you have to provide here is the company name.

If you are taking charge of setting up the profiles of your participating companies, you have the option to add a logo, cover image, website link, as well as adding more detailed insights when clicking on the "Additional Information" section.

Feel free to either set this up yourself, or leave the profile creation to the recruiters once you added them to their respective company profile.

You can read more on the details of company profiles here.

Step 3 - Set up their participation details

Before you save the company profile, you will have to set up the participation controls. Depending on which interaction formats you may have already set up, certain fields will be mandatory to fill out. For instance, if the event contains Speeches and Sessions, you will have to set a limit for how many they can host.

If you like, you can also set limits for how many employees the companies can invite to the event, how many jobs they can post or whether or not they should have access to the talent data base.

Here you will also be able to choose whether or not the company should have a Virtual Booth or an In-Person Booth. If you set up Virtual Booths as an interaction format, the default setting is for every company to have one. You can however remove virtual booth from individual companies within the Participation Controls. The same goes for In-Person Booths however you can and should add the location/room where the In-person Booth will be held so participants know where to find the company on event day.

Step 4 - Choose a sponsoring tier

At the bottom of the participation details section, you can also choose a sponsoring tier for each company. There are currently 4 sponsoring tiers with different levels of prominence available.

You can learn more about the sponsoring tiers here.

If you choose to feature a company, you can also position them in a certain order.

Step 5 - Invite contacts

To add recruiters to a company profile and invite them to the platform, you will need to click on the company profile.

⚠️ Please note that in order to be able to invite contacts to your event, the event must have been published first in the "Event controls" tab.

Scroll down to the bottom of the company profile, where you can send out the invitations in the "Company recruiters" section.

Simply fill in the recruiter's first name, last name and e-mail address, and then click on "Add".

Once you sent the invitation, they will appear in the contacts section, along with a tag letting you know whether they joined the platform, or their invitation is still pending.

If the invitation is still "Pending" after a while, you have the option to resend it by clicking on the 3 dots, copy the link or even remove the user from the event. If the recruiter can not find the email in their inbox or spam, you can send them a direct log in link via 'Copy invite link' as shown below:

💡Tip: You do not have to invite every single recruiter. Once you added one contact to a company profile, they can then send invites to their colleagues.

To preview company profiles or to remove them from the event, simply click on the three dots:

Step 6 - The Recruiters tab

Another way to manage all contacts is the "Recruiters" tab, which is located in the "Companies" section in the left side navigation bar.

Here you will see an overview of all contacts from all companies. You can search for their names or filter for specific companies or their status (pending or the last seen). Adding new or existing company contacts can also be done from this tab, simply by clicking on "Add new" or "Add existing" in the top right corner.

Step 7 - View job postings

In the "Jobs" tab, located in the "Companies" section on the left side navigation bar, you will see all jobs that have been posted by your participating companies. While these cannot be set up by you and have to be posted by the individual recruiters, it is possible to view them all and work with certain filters. To view them, just click on the job itself to see all the details.

➡️ Following the event creation guide? Here is the next step:

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