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Registration types, mandatory and custom registration questions

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Setting up the registration flow for your event is a crucial step in managing your talents. You can choose between a registration process that is open for all, or set certain restrictions and application requirements. Decide what information you require from your participants upon registering, or even include your own custom questions.


In the "Events" tab on the left side navigation bar, you will find your event overview. Click on the event you are setting up. In the "Talents" section, select "Registration".

Step 1 - Choose a registration type

There are two registration types on Talentspace:

  • Open registration: Anyone who applies is immediately accepted to the event

  • Application & Selection: Applicants must be manually approved by the event organizer before getting access

Open registration is the type that is most commonly used. If you choose "Application & Selection", this will give you more control over who can enter your event, but will also create slightly more administrative work for you as you have to review all applications.

Step 2 - Set access restrictions (optional)

Once you selected a registration type, you additionally have the option to set certain restrictions. To do so, first toggle on this option on the right side of the "Access Restrictions" section.

You can type in who the event is for, or even if participants require certain work permits to participate in the event. Please note that these two fields only show an indication of your preferences to the participants.

If you select a specific email identifier however, this means that only participants with the set email domain can register. It is possible to add multiple email domains.

Step 3 - Registration requirements and options

Next up are the registration questions. Here you can choose what information you want participants to enter during the registration process. The first section, "Sign Up" is mandatory, as the minimum requirements for creating a profile on Talentspace are first name, last name and email address.

In sections 2, 3 and 4 you can request more input regarding the talent's personal information, professional and academic background or future employment.

By toggling on the various sections, talent's will be asked to fill out the different fields during the registration process. You can select "Yes" or "No" for each of these options, or even make information mandatory by toggling on the "Required" toggle switch.

Note that once talent's have successfully registered and log in to the platform, they automatically have the option to fill out all of the information in their "My Profile" section.

While the registration process is completely up to you and does depend on your event type and goals, keep in mind that a long and detailed registration process may sometimes lead to talent's not finishing the registration if they feel like it is too lengthy.

Step 4 - Ask for a CV

In section 5, you can make uploading a CV part of the registration process. If you select the "Required" option, talents will have to upload a PDF document of their CV here in order to register.

Step 5 -Add custom questions

Section 6 gives you the opportunity to ask your own custom questions. We currently offer 4 types of custom questions: You can choose a free text, number, yes/no or multiple choice question. If you toggle on the "Required" switch, answering the question is mandatory and talent's will have to answer the question/ select an option, in order to register for the event.

Step 6 - Terms of service

In the last section, you can choose to show the option for the newsletter opt-in, as well as the additional even-specific terms of service (this can be made mandatory). If you would like to show your own terms of service, click on the "Update event-specific Terms of Service" button at the bottom of the page.

You can choose to upload them in a PDF document, paste a link, or just type in your own custom text.

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