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How can I interact with recruiters on Talentspace?
How can I interact with recruiters on Talentspace?

Interaction through Speeches, Sessions, Virtual Booths and 1-1 Chats

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There are four different video formats for you to interact with recruiters on Talentspace: Speeches, Sessions, Virtual Booths and 1-1 Chats. Here's an overview of all four:


Speeches are our largest format, allowing for large group presentations with a high number of participants. These are often welcome speeches, company introductions, or thought leadership presentations.

While listening in on a Speech, you can interact with all participants (speakers and talents) via the Chat and Q&A sections, but do not have camera or microphone capabilities.

You can submit and upvote questions in advance, or also write them in the Q&A board during the Speech.


A Session is a highly interactive video format on Talentspace. Here you can ask to join recruiters on stage with full camera and microphone capabilities, or you can interact via the Chat and Q&A sections.

During a Session, recruiters could open breakout rooms to create smaller groups for group work. Within a breakout room, you will automatically be on screen with full audio and video capabilities. Sessions could be workshops or case studies and are often deep dives into company culture, industry, and career-related topics in an interactive forum.

Virtual Booths

A Virtual Booth is a spontaneous format that gives you the chance to drop by and ask recruiters any of the questions you may have, with no registration or sign-up needed. They could be general company or department booths, or even themed Q&As.

You can interact via the Chat tab or take a spot on screen.

You will always enter a Virtual Booth without camera or microphone access but can request to join with full audio and video capabilities. There are 4 open spots that you and other talents can take to ask your questions directly on screen.

1-1 Chats

1-1 Chats are private video chats between you and one recruiter, that provide space for deeper conversations, such as interviews or coffee chats. Requests can be sent by either party (determined by your event organizer).

They are a great way for you to network and connect with recruiters.

When browsing through the 1-1 Chat tab or the company profiles in your preparation of the event, you can view the recruiter's profiles and request a chat with them.

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