How to join program points on event day

Entering program points as a talent

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On the day of the live event, there are multiple ways for you to join our video formats. Here is a quick guide for all the possible options.


In the "Events" tab, click on the Event you are participating in.

Option 1 - Lobby

The "Lobby" tab shows you any Speeches, Sessions and Live Booths that are currently happening. You can simply scroll through the page and click "Join" for any program points that interest you.

Option 2 - Program tab

In the "Program" tab any Speeches and Sessions, as well as their starting time will be listed. You can join Speeches and Sessions here once they are live.

Option 3 - Join chats through the 1-1 Chat tab

Important: For the new 1-1 Chat flow, please refer to this article: LINK

During the live event, you can access a confirmed 1-1 Chat through either the "1-1 Chat" tab or the "My Schedule" tab. Simply click on the “Join” button to access the video chat. The "Join" button will appear 5 minutes before the 1-1 Chat begins.

Option 4 - Company tab

If you are interested in a specific company you can go directly to their profile and join the Speeches, Sessions or Live Booths they are hosting. To do so, simply go to the "Companies" tab in your event.

Click on the company you are looking for and go to the "Program" tab to join their Speeches and Sessions.

Option 5 - My schedule tab

You can join any Speeches or Sessions you registered for, as well as any confirmed 1-1 Chats from the "My Schedule" tab.

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