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A step by step guide for participating in a Talentspace event
A step by step guide for participating in a Talentspace event

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The following 6 steps will show you everything you need in order to prepare for your next event on Talentspace.

🎥 Video tutorial

Step 1

Access the Talentspace platform using the most up-to-date version of Google Chrome (preferred), Mozilla Firefox, or Microsoft Edge (v. 79) browser.

Step 2

Complete our technical setup checklist here.

  • Run the AV test as well as the network connectivity tests upon logging in for the first time

  • Please run these tests in the same location that you will be accessing the platform from on the actual event day

Step 3

Make sure your talent profile is complete here.

Step 4 - Once the event dashboard is published

Stay up-to-date with the on-goings of the event in the “Organizers Announcements” tab.

Step 5

Explore companies taking part in the event in the “Companies” tab. You can browse through their company profiles, FAQs, and job openings.

Read more about how to view participating companies here.

Step 6

Create your schedule by registering for Speeches and Sessions, as well as requesting 1-1 Chats with recruiters.

Read more about how to register for program points and create your schedule here.

You're all set! 🎉

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