Creating a test event on Talentspace is the best way for you and your team to familiarise yourselves with our platform.

This includes creating an event on Talentspace, registering for this event as a participant, and then attending the event. This allows you to experience Talentspace during a live event as an event organiser, recruiter, and participant at the same time.

Step 1 - Create your event

The event can be as simple or complex as you like. The fastest way would be to create a simple event with only one program format. We would recommend adding a session as the sole program point as this covers all functions available.

For help with event creation, you can follow the steps outlined in our event creation guide.

Step 2 - Event controls

Before you can register for your event as a participant, you need to make sure the event is published and the event controls are configured correctly.

The event should be published, the landing page should be published, the registration flow should be open and the Teams and Participant dashboards should be toggled to 'on'.

Step 3 - Register as a participant

Participants register for events on Talentspace via the event landing page. This is how you will have to register too. You need to copy the landing page link for your event from the "Publish the Public Landing Page" section of the event controls. Expand the tab to see the copy icon.

Paste this link in order to open the landing page then click the register button.

Please make sure to be logged out of Talentspace before pasting this link in your browser. Alternatively, you can open this link in an incognito or private browser window.

When registering as a participant you must use an email address that is different from the one you are using for your organiser account. A unique email address must be used for every new Talentspace account.

Step 4 - Attend the event

The final step is to attend the event. If you are testing this alone, it is possible to be logged into different Talentspace accounts at the same time. To do this you must use an incognito or private browser window to log in as multiple different users at the same time.

To attend using the organiser view log into Talentspace and select the 'Manage Event' option by clicking the settings cog on the event thumbnail. To attend as a recruiter you simply click on the thumbnail and open the event.

To attend as a participant you must log in to Talentspace using your participant credentials and click on the event thumbnail.

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