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How to learn more about attending companies
How to learn more about attending companies

Company profiles, FAQs and jobs

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One of the most interesting areas to explore when attending an event on Talentspace is the company profile section.

Each profile contains information about a company's participation in the event, including their Speeches or Sessions, 1-1 Chat availability, frequently asked questions, job postings and more.


In the "Events" tab, click on the event you are participating in and go to the "Companies" tab. Here you will find all companies participating in the event.

Step 1 - Use filters

Once you are on the "Companies" tab, you will see all company profiles listed here. You can use filters such as the industry or company size to find those types of companies that match your interests.

Step 2 - Indicate your interest

For each company, there is a button to indicate to recruiters that you are interested in their company.

Simply click on "👍 I'm interested" (or the "👍" symbol"), and recruiters will be able to see this. Depending on the setup of the event organizer, the profile overview may also show some general information, or the number of Job postings and Sessions of that company.

Step 3 - Overview

To get more information on a company, simply click on their profile. In the top section of each profile, you will see some key data as well as any links to their website or social media.

In the "Overview" tab, you can find any photos, videos and general information a company has uploaded.

Some companies also include PDF documents that you can view and download at the bottom of the company profile.

Step 4 - Speeches, Sessions and Virtual Booths

The "Program" tab shows any Speeches and Sessions the company is hosting. By clicking on the Speech or Session, you will also be able to submit questions in advance, as well as view and upvote any questions other talents might have asked.

You can join any of the company's Speeches and Sessions here, or join their Virtual Booth.

Read more about participating in the different video formats here:

Step 5 - View FAQs

Click on the "FAQ" tab to view answers to the most frequently asked questions.

If you have any specific questions about a company you would like to ask them in one of our video formats, you can use this section as a resource to see if maybe your question is already being answered here.

Step 6 - View jobs

In the "Jobs" tab you can find any job openings the company has published here. You can again use filters such as locations or a specific industry, and you can also bookmark any jobs you find interesting.

By clicking on the jobs themselves, you can find a description and more details on the job, as well as the link to their original job posting (for example their website or LinkedIn) if you would like to apply for the position.

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