How to participate in a Virtual Booth

Interacting with recruiters in a Virtual Booth

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Virtual Booths are essentially an online version of physical stands where you can drop in for questions or to network with recruiters. Each company has their own Virtual Booth and you can join with no registration or sign up required. If you have any questions, we encourage you to directly speak with the hosts by requesting to join with video and audio on.

Learn more about the different interaction formats here.


In the "Events" tab, click on the event you are participating in and go to the "Virtual Booth" tab. Here you will see all Virtual Booths (active and inactive) and can join them, or request for them to be opened.

Alternatively, you could also join through the "Lobby" or via the profile of a specific company. Read more about the different ways to join program points here.

Requesting to open a Virtual Booth

Inactive Virtual Booths are booths that do not have any recruiters available at that point in time. You can however indicate your interest to speak with these companies and request for them to open their booths. To do so, simply click on "Request to go online", and the recruiters will get notified.

Once they open their Virtual Booth upon your request, you will get a notification about this in your notification section 🔔 in the top navigation bar.

Step 1 - Entering the Virtual Booth

Upon entering the Virtual Booth, you will first be placed in the audience, with your camera and microphone turned off, but you will immediately be able to listen in on the conversation on screen. You will see the host on the main screen, and there could also be up to 4 hosts at the same time.

To take one of the open spots, simply click on "Request to join with Mic & Camera". You will also find this button in the "People" and the "Chat" tabs on the right side of your screen.

You can reach out to the Talentspace technical support via the life ring icon, should you be faced with any technical issues.

Step 2 - Request to take an open spot on screen

Once you have clicked the request button, you will have the option to turn your camera and microphone off or on, or change the settings for both. Then, click on "Send request". Please note that if all 4 slots have been taken you may have to wait a little for your request to be approved.

Should you change your mind, you can choose to withdraw the request at the bottom of your screen, or also in the "People" and the "Chat" tabs on the right side of your screen.

Once the host/s accept your request, you will then have 3 seconds to prepare yourself to go on screen, or cancel the request.

Step 3 - Setup while you are on screen

Once you have taken one of the open spots, you will also have the option to choose a virtual background. If you would like to go back to the audience, simply click on "✌️Deactivate Mic & Camera".

Step 4 - Viewing the company info

On the right side of your screen you will have 3 different tabs. The first one is the "Company" tab, where you can read more about some info on the company, or view any FAQs and Jobs they may have posted.

Step 5 - Viewing all participants

The "People" tab gives you an overview of all hosts and participants who are currently in the Virtual Booth.

Step 6 - Interact via the chat tab

You can also use the "Chat" tab to interact with all participants in the Virtual Booth. Simply type in the empty text field and hit the send button. Your messages will be visible to everyone in the Live Booth.

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