In preparation of an event, you can create your own customised schedule when registering for program points and scheduling 1-1 Chats, and you can also add them to your personal calendar. There are different ways to register for program points and to schedule 1-1 Chats. Learn more about how to set up your schedule with the following steps.


In the "Events" tab, click on the event you are participating in and go to the "Program" tab.

Speeches and Sessions

Option 1 - Register in the Program tab

You can find any Speeches and Sessions in the "Program" tab. If you are looking for program points of a specific company, you can also use filters in the top right corner of the program section.

Each program point contains information such as a description, the date, time and duration, as well as the number of open spots.

Simply click on the "Register" button of the respective Speech or Session.

For Live Booths there are no sign-ups required.

Option 2 - Register in the Companies tab

If you are interested in a specific company you can go directly to their profile and see which Speeches or Sessions they are hosting. To do so, simply go to the "Companies" tab in your event.

Click on the company you are looking for and go to the "Program" tab. Here, any of their Speeches and Sessions will be displayed and you can also register for them.

1-1 Chats

Option 1 - Schedule 1-1 Chats in the 1-1 Chat tab

Important notice: For the new 1-1 Chat flow, please refer to this article: LINK

You can find any recruiters available for 1-1 Chats in the "1-1 Chat" tab. The profile of a recruiter will show the number of open slots and the number of requests they have received. Simply click on "Request" to send it out.

You can read more about requesting 1-1 Chats here.

Option 2- Schedule 1-1 Chats in the Companies tab

If you are interested in talking to recruiters of a specific company, you can go directly to their company profile. Click on the "1-1 Chats" tab and request directly from here.

View your schedule

Once you have registered for Speeches and Sessions, and confirmed 1-1 Chats, all of these will be visible in the "My Schedule" tab.

On the day of the event, you can simply enter from here.

Next to the "Join" button of each Speech, Session or 1-1 Chat, you will also have the opportunity to add these to your Apple, Google, Outlook or Outlook Web calendar by clicking on the calendar icon.

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