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Completing the technical setup checklist

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One of the most important steps when preparing for an event on Talentspace is to ensure that your device is set up and ready for you to participate in our interaction formats.

You can do this by running our checks in the technical setup checklist.


Upon logging in to your account, click on the event you are participating in and scroll to the bottom of the page in the event lobby, you can open the technical checklist and also follow all the steps to get ready for the event.

Please ensure that you run these checks at least two weeks before the event, as well as in the same location and with the same device you will be accessing the platform from on event day. Also, make sure you are using the most up to date version of either Google Chrome (preferred), Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge.

Step 1 - Test your camera and microphone

Click on "Test camera and microphone" to let us connect with your camera and microphone and save those settings for event day.
If your camera and microphone are being blocked, have a look at this article to learn how to give access.

Step 2 - Test your screen sharing

Click on "Test screen share" to ensure you can present during our video formats. Learn more about how to share your screen and upload presentations here.

Optional - Share the checklist

Section 3 allows you to copy the checklist URL and share it with your colleagues.

Step 3 - Test your websockets, network and firewall

Test 4 and 5 are the most important ones.

Click on "Show results" for test 4 and "Test network connectivity" for test 5.

Make sure you get 1 green checkmark on test 4, and 4 green checkmarks on test 5.

If you do not get all green checkmarks, this is probably because your VPN or firewall is blocking the functionalities. In that case, please get in touch with your IT department and share this list of our network and connectivity requirements with them, as they will have to whitelist certain domains and open ports.

As a quick fix, you can avoid this by trying to use a personal device.

Step 4 - Test your internet speed

Lastly, test your internet speed to ensure you will be able to stream videos.

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