Screen sharing is possible in all video formats on Talentspace. Additionally in Speeches, Sessions and Live Booths, you can also upload PDF files and embed videos. Here's how:


Upon logging in to the platform, select the event you are participating in in the "Events" tab and enter our video formats ideally through the "My Schedule" tab.

Step 1 - Join as a speaker

To be able to present materials in a video format, you will have to "Join as a speaker".

Step 2 - Use the screen sharing icon

Click on the screen share icon at the bottom of your screen. You can choose to either "Share your screen", upload a PDF version of your presentation by clicking "Upload presentation", or embed the link to a youtube video by clicking on "Embed video".

Share your screen

"Share your screen" to share a window or tab.

  • Please note: the screen sharing function is not intended for sharing videos and/or sound

  • This is the only function available during 1-1 Chats - you will not be able to upload a presentation or embed a video

Upload a presentation

"Upload presentation" to upload PDF files:

  • When uploading PDF presentations, 16:9 format works best but A4 size would also work (The file size should be less than 50MB)

  • The uploaded file will be accessible for the entire duration of the format, so you can upload a PDF before your scheduled Session, Speech or Live Booth and access it once the format begins

  • To "Stop presenting", click on the screen sharing icon. You can access the PDF again at any point during your Speech, Session, or Live Booth

Embed a video

Click on "Embed video" to attach a youtube video link to a Session, Speech or Live Booth and present it to participants.

  • Only youtube videos are supported in the Session, Speech and Live Booth formats

  • To stop showing a video, click "Stop casting" on either the screen sharing icon, or in the top right corner just above your live image

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