There are different formats with varying degrees of interaction on Talentspace - Speeches, Sessions, Live Booths and 1-1 Chats. Here's an overview of all four:


Speeches are our largest format, allowing for large group presentations with a high number of participants. They are great for welcome speeches, company introductions, or thought leadership presentations. Due to the large capacity, interaction in Speeches happens in written form: participants interact via the Chat and Q&A sections and do not have camera or microphone capabilities. For recruiters, up to six speakers can be on-screen with full camera and microphone capabilities.

Talents can submit and upvote questions in advance, and you will be able to share your screen, embed videos, and upload presentations.


A Session is a highly interactive video format on Talentspace. Participants can ask to join you on stage with full camera and microphone capabilities, or they can interact via the Chat and Q&A sections.

You will also be able to open breakout rooms to create smaller groups for group work. Sessions can be used for workshops or case studies and are great for deep dives into company culture, industry, and career-related topics in an interactive forum. In a Session, you can also share your screen, embed videos, and upload presentations.

Live Booths

A Live Booth is a spontaneous format that gives participants the chance to drop in and out to ask the questions they have with no registration or sign-up needed. They are great for general company or department booths, or even themed Q&As.

In a Live Booth, you can share your screen or upload presentations, and participants can interact via the Chat tab or potentially join you on screen.

All participants enter a Live Booth without camera or microphone access but can request to join with full audio and video capabilities. While there is no limit to the number of participants who can listen in on the conversation in a Live Booth, only 4 recruiters and 4 talents can be on screen at the same time.

1-1 Chats

1-1 Chats are private video chats between one talent and one recruiter, that provide space for deeper conversations, such as interviews or coffee chats. Requests can be sent by either party (determined by your event organizer). You can browse the talent database to look for interesting profiles, or review all incoming requests and decide if you would like to accept or decline.

During a 1-1 Chat, you will be able to share your screen or upload a presentation, and you will also have access to the talents' profiles.

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