How to manage an event for colleagues

Managing a colleague's profile, Sessions, Speeches and 1-1 Chats

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Would you like to manage an event for one or multiple of your colleagues by setting up their profiles, preparing their Speeches and Sessions and scheduling 1-1 Chats on their behalf? Find out how to do so with the following steps.


Upon logging into your account, click on the icon of your company in the top navigation bar and click on the "Colleagues" tab.

Step 1 - Edit and set up their profile

In the "Colleagues" tab, click on the settings icon ⚙️ on the right side of your colleague's profile.

You can set up their personal profile by clicking on "Edit Profile" to fill out some general information and even upload a picture for them. Here you also have the option to add them to, or remove them from events. It is important to make sure they are added to the specific event they are participating in, otherwise you will not be able to schedule 1-1 Chats on their behalf.

Step 2 - Set up their 1-1 Chat availability

Important note: For the new 1-1 Chat flow, please refer to this article LINK

Next, enter the event your colleague is participating in, and go to the "1-1 Chats" tab.

In the "1-1 Chats" tab, simply click on the name of your colleague name 1-1 Chats.

You will be directed to a list of the colleagues that have been invited to this event. After clicking on "Set Up Availability" on the right side of your colleague's profile, you will be able to configure their individual 1-1 Chat calendars.

Learn more about how to set up the availability calendar here.

Step 3 - Request 1-1 Chats on their behalf

You can request a 1-1 Chat with a talent when reviewing their profile. First, choose the event in the top right corner of the "Talent Profiles" tab. Then, open up the talent's profile by simply clicking on it.

On their profile, click "Request 1-1 Chat" on the right side. Then, choose which event you would like to request the chat, you have also the option to select if you would like to talk about a specific job, select your colleague and send the request with a final message.

Once you have completed this, the participant will be able to see the request and have a look at the availability and select the time of the requested 1-1 chat.

Step 4 - Set up a Speech or Session for your colleague

Back in the Lobby of your event, go to the "Program" tab.

In the "Program" tab, click on "Create program point" to set up a new Speech or Session. Next to that, you can also see how many slots for a certain program point have been allocated to your company.

Fill in the details and click on “Create Speech” (or "Create Session") to publish the program point. Do note that the duration and time slots are configured by your event organizer. All times displayed are in your local time.

Step 5 - Upload a presentation

Next, prepare any materials for your colleague by entering the program point and joining as a speaker.

If your colleague would like to present materials during a Speech, Session, or even a Live Booth you can upload a presentation or embed a video for them in advance. On the screen sharing icon, upload a PDF version of the presentation by clicking "Upload presentation", or embed the link to a youtube video by clicking on "Embed video".

Any uploaded presentations or embedded videos will be available for your colleague (or anyone joining as a speaker) on event day.

Step 6 - Share our technical checklist and any relevant links

Now that you have set everything up for colleague, all they have to do is log in on event day, go to their schedule and join their program points or 1-1 Chats.

To make it even easier for them, you could just send them the URL of their specific program points.

Also, make sure to share our technical checklist with them and ask them to run the tests well in advance.

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