How to host a Live Booth

A step by step guide for hosting your Live Booth

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Virtual Booths are essentially an online version of physical stands where participants can drop in for questions or to network with recruiters. As a recruiter taking part in an event, you do not have to create or configure your Virtual Booth. Virtual Booths are created by your event organizer and will appear in the "Program" and the "My Schedule" tabs if your company has been granted access to one.

Here is a detailed guide for everything you need to know when hosting a Live Booth.


Upon logging into your account, click on the event you are participating in.

Once the event is live and during the time stipulated by your event organizer, you will be able to access your Virtual Booth from either the "My Schedule"

or from the "Program" tab.

Step 1 - Activate your Virtual Booth

If you are the first person entering the booth, you will be prompted to "Activate Booth".

Step 2 - Join your Virtual Booth

When joining the booth, you will have two options:

  • "Join as a speaker": Full microphone and camera capabilities, appear 'on screen' to interact with all participants and have full access to all functionalities.

  • "Join as a participant": Microphone and camera turned off, unable to access any functionalities (screen share, uploading PDFs, etc) of a speaker.

Step 3 - Technical setup

At the bottom of your screen, you will be able to turn your camera and microphone off and on by clicking on the camera and microphone icons, or select a different camera or microphone by clicking on the settings icon. If you need technical support, click on the life ring symbol to open up the chat with the Talentspace technical support team.

Step 4 - Set a background and share your screen (optional)

You can also choose from a couple of virtual backgrounds, or choose to blur or semi-blur your background. To do so, simply click on the virtual backgrounds icon at the bottom of your screen. Please note that you will not be able to upload your own customized backgrounds.

In case you would like to share your screen or even upload presentations, you can do so via the screen sharing icon. Read more about how to share your screen and upload presentations here.

Step 5 - Edit the description of your Virtual Booth

It is possible to edit the description of your Virtual Booth at any time from within the booth. Simply click on the text below your company's name and enter your desired description. This will be visible to all participants inside and outside the booth and can be a great way to advertise it.

Step 6 - Interact with participants

All participants enter a Virtual Booth without camera or microphone access, and can only listen to the conversation happening in the booth. There will be an audio notification for every first participant who enters an empty booth. Do note that whilst in a Virtual Booth, everyone is taking part in the same conversation.

On the right hand side of the Virtual Booth, participants can interact via the "Chat" tab, and they can also view your company profile in the "Company" tab. The "People" tab gives an overview of everyone who is in the booth.

Step 7 - Review and accept requests

If a participant wants to interact with you or your team with full audio and video capabilities, they will have to send a request (accompanied by an audio notification) for you to enable their camera and microphone. You and your colleagues review and approve the request in order for them to join you. Once you approved a request, the participant will take one of the open spots and appear on screen.

There are four open spots that can be filled with participants. You can also have up to 4 colleagues hosting a Virtual Booth on the main screen.

Step 8 - Deactivating the Virtual Booth

The Virtual Booth will need to be hosted by at least one speaker, should you be the last person in your Live Booth and would like to exit, you will be prompted to first "Deactivate" the booth before exiting. This ensures that participants are not entering empty booths and having an unsatisfactory experience. Participants can request for a deactivated booth to be reactivated, and you will receive a notification when this happens so that you can activate the Virtual Booth again to interact with them.

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