How to host a Speech

A step-by-step guide for hosting a Speech

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Speeches are our format with the highest capacity. They allow speakers to present themselves to audiences of up to 2000 (limit determined by the event organizer). Due to the large capacity, interaction during Speeches happens in written form: participants interact via the Chat and Q&A sections and do not have camera or microphone capabilities. For recruiters, up to six speakers can be on screen with full camera and microphone capabilities.

Here is a detailed guide for everything you need to know when hosting a Speech.

Learn more about our different interaction formats here.


In the "Events" tab, click on the event you are participating in.

Next, open the "My Schedule" tab and find the Speech you are hosting. Then, simply click on "Join".

Alternatively, you could also join through the "Lobby" or the "Program" tab.

Step 1 - Join the Speech

To host the Speech, choose “Join as a speaker” to go ‘on stage’ with both your camera and microphone turned on. Please ensure that you enter a Speech at least 15 minutes before the start time to test/configure the functionalities, and upload presentations if you need to.

Step 2 - Technical setup

At the bottom of your screen, you will be able to turn your camera and microphone off and on by clicking on the camera and microphone icons, or select a different camera or microphone by clicking on the settings icon. If you need technical support, click on the life ring symbol to open up the chat with the Talentspace technical support team.

Step 3 - Set a background

You can also choose from a couple of virtual backgrounds, or choose to blur or semi-blur your background. To do so, simply click on the virtual backgrounds icon at the bottom of your screen. Please note that you will not be able to upload your own customized backgrounds.

Step 4 - Present materials

If you want to present a presentation or show a video during a Speech, you can do so via the screen share/ upload button. You can choose to either "Share your screen", upload a PDF version of your presentation by clicking "Upload presentation", or embed the link to a youtube video by clicking on "Embed video".

Any embedded videos or uploaded PDFs will be available for the entire duration of the Speech and anyone who joins as a speaker can access them.

Step 5 - Start your Speech

Once you are ready to begin, click “Start Speech” at the top of your screen to go live for participants. This button will only be activated 15 minutes before the Speech is scheduled to begin. You need to click on this button in order to launch the Speech and allow participants to enter.

Step 6 - Interaction via the Q&A and Chat tab

On the right side of the screen, the "People" tab gives you an overview of everyone who is currently participating in the speech. Participants can also interact via the "Q&A" and "Chat" tabs. Questions posted in the "Questions" tab are upvoted and ranked accordingly. If you have answered a question, you can tick the "Answered" box, to move it from the open questions to the answered questions tab. Participants can also view your company profile in the "Company" tab during the Speech.

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