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Bypassing firewalls and opening ports

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If you are on a work network, or any network behind a firewall you might face network and connectivity issues when trying to access the Talentspace video formats.


You are either trying to enter one of our video formats, but the page is not loading or you can only see a black or completely blank screen, or maybe you are running our technical checks and are not receiving green checkmarks on test 4 and 5.

This is probably because your VPN or firewall is blocking the video functionalities.


To use the full functionality of the Talentspace platform (particularly video streaming) you must grant access to its services over specific ports in order to work. Here are two solutions.

Solution 1 - Contact your IT department

Run test 4 and 5 in our technical setup checklist - if you do not get all green checkmarks, get in touch with your IT department, as they will have to whitelist websites and open ports.

Simply share this list of our network and connectivity requirements with them, so they will be able to fix this.

Solution 2 - Try using a personal device

As a quick fix, you could try using a personal device to log on to Talentspace to avoid this problem. Please note that the platform is browser-based and to ensure an optimal experience, we recommend that you use either a laptop or desktop to access the platform.

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