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Viewing and managing talent profiles

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Each talent creates their profile to best represent who they are and what they are looking for in a potential employer. The extent of information available on talents depends on your event organizer.
When looking at an individual talent’s full profile, you will get an insight into their professional and academic background, interests and much more. Find out how to view and manage talent profiles with the following steps.


In the top navigation bar, click on the "Talent Profiles" tab.

Step 1 - Select your event

If your company is or has been participating in multiple events, you may want to filter for specific events.

In the top right corner of the "Talent Profiles" section, click on "Filter by event" and select either a specific event to see only the talent profiles associated with that particular event, or select "All Events".

You can also search for events by typing in the name of the event in the search bar of the "Filter by event" tab.

Step 2 - Use filters

To look at the talent's full information, simply click on their profile. To find talents, either browse through the database on your own, work with key words in the search bar at the top, or try working with our filters.

On the left side of the screen is a filter column that allows you to filter talents based on fields such as degree type, their preferred type of employment, years of experience, programming skills, date of availability and more.

Step 3 - Save your filters

You can save your filters and decide to either make them private or make them available for your colleagues as well.

Step 4 - Create lists

You can also save talents to a specific list of your creation.

To do so, select the talent profiles by clicking on the white circle in the top right corner of their profile, and choose to either "Create new list", or go to the "Actions" tab to add them to an existing list.

Once again, you can make lists private or make them visible for your company.

Your created lists will appear at the top of the "Talent profiles" section, just below the search bar.

By clicking on the settings icon next to each list, you can update them or even delete them.

Step 5 - Download CVs

Aside from adding talents to new or existing lists, the "Actions" tab also allows you to download a multitude of CVs.

If you are downloading more than 10 CVs you will receive them via email. Simply go to the list, click on "Actions" and choose to “Download all CVs/Resumes from filter” or "Download selected CVs/Resumes".

Step 6 - Upvote interesting profiles

When viewing individual profiles, you can “upvote” talents. You will also be able to see how many upvotes a particular talent receives from all members of your team. To do so, simply click on the heart icon in the top right corner of their profile. The talent will not be notified of this, as this is just a feature for you and your team.

Once you have opened their profile, you will also be able to open and download their CV from there.

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