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Attending an online event as a recruiter can be a new experience for many. To help you best present your company and be as ready as possible, we have compiled the following steps to ensure you will be all set.

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Step 1

Access the Talentspace platform using the most up-to-date version of Google Chrome (preferred), Mozilla Firefox, or Microsoft Edge (v. 79) browser.

Step 2

Complete our technical setup checklist here.

  • Make sure VPNs are turned off

  • Run all the tests (especially parts 4 and 5 to test your network connectivity and firewall)

  • Please run these tests in the same location that you will be accessing the platform from on the actual event day

Step 3

Fill out your personal profile.

Learn more about how to create your profile here.

Step 4

Create your company profile.

Learn more about how to set up your company profile here.

Step 5

Create job postings you are looking to fill at the event.

Learn more about how to post jobs here.

Step 6

Add and invite colleagues to your company.

Learn more about how to add colleagues here.

Step 7

Create Sessions or Speeches you are hosting via the "Program" tab of your event.

Learn more about how to create program points here.

Step 8

Configure your availability for 1-1 Chats and review requests via the "1-1 Chat" tab.

Learn more about how to schedule and conduct 1-1 Chats here.

Step 9

Explore the "Talent Profiles" to learn more about the talents participating in the event.

Learn more about how to work with the talent database here.

You're all set!

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