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Creating and editing program points for your event

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Whether your organizer has already set up a program point for you, or you are creating a program point yourself, you are going to want to add some more information on the topics or speakers to attract attention to your Speech or Session. Find out how to create and edit your program points, add a picture and a description with these simple steps.

The process for creating and editing Speeches and Sessions is exactly the same. If you are unsure about the differences between a Speech and a Session, you can read more about Speeches here, and more about Sessions here.


In the "Events" tab, click on the event you would like to create a program point for.

Next, open up the "Program" tab.

Step 1 - Create a new Speech or Session

In the "Program" tab, click on "Create Program Point" to set up a new program point. Next to that, you can also see how many slots for a certain program point have been allocated to your company.

Step 2 - Add information

Fill in the details and click on “Create Speech” (or "Create Session") to publish the program point. Do note that the duration and time slots are configured by your event organizer. All times displayed are in your local time.
In addition, when filling out the information, don't forget to add a picture to your Speech or Session otherwise this will be left blank.
Lastly, certain organizers may limit the number of program points you are allowed to hold. You limit will be clearly outlined in the form of a green box found under each program point when trying to create a new one.

Editing a program point

In some instances, your organizer has already created a program point for you, but has not filled out any details, or you may simply want to edit an existing program point. In each case, click on the three dots in the top right corner of your Speech or Session to edit or delete the program point.

Please note that once participants have signed up for a Speech or Session, you can only update the name and description.

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