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How to add job openings to your company profile
How to add job openings to your company profile

Adding and managing job postings for your event

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Oftentimes, you might want to attract applicants by connecting with them through an event. The platform allows you to add job postings to your company profile to let talents know which positions are currently available. By showcasing job openings during an event on Talentspace, interested talents can read more about the position and will be directed to your original job posting to then apply.


Click on your company's logo in the top navigation bar and click on the "Jobs" tab.

Step 1 - Add details and a URL

In the Jobs section, you can immediately add a new job posting by filling out the different fields and providing information such as the job title, job type, location, and a description.

It is crucial to enter the link to your original job post (for instance on your company website or LinkedIn) in the "Job Post URL" field, as this is where applicants will be directed to if they would like to apply.

Step 2 - Add the job to an event

If you are attending multiple events, select which events you would like to add the job to in the "Event" field. Just click on "Select events" and choose the events from the selection.

You also have the option to assign recruiters to jobs. Just click on "select recruiters" and choose yourself or the colleague(s) that you would like to assign to the job offer.

Step 3 - Editing jobs

At the bottom of the "Jobs" tab, all your job listings will appear.

To edit a job, click on the “Edit” button. It is possible to add existing job posts to new events by editing the post and selecting the events .

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