The FAQ section allows you to anticipate the popular and common queries potential hires will have about your company. Talents will use this as a resource before reaching out to you and your team members and/or posting questions on the Q&A board. Find out how to add FAQs to your company profile with these simple steps.


Go to "My Company" in the top navigation bar and click on the "FAQ" tab

Step 1 - Add an entry

To add a new entry, click on "Add Entry" in the top right corner, or simply click on one of the empty "Add Entry" fields.

Step 2 - Fill out the information

Type the question in the title section, and the answer in the text section below. These FAQ entries can cover anything from your company culture, work, and interview and hiring processes. Make sure to click on "Add to FAQ" to save your changes.

Step 3 - Editing entries

Your new entry will show in the FAQ section. To edit an existing FAQ entry, click “Read More” on that entry and then click “Edit” to update it.

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