To best present your company to talents on Talentspace, it is crucial to manage your presence via your company profile. Find out how to add information, upload pictures and PDFs, work with key words and embed videos with the following six steps.


Upon logging into your account, go to "My Company" at the top navigation bar and click on "Edit Info" in the "Company Info" Section.

Step 1 - Add a logo and cover image

You can upload a cover image (JPEG or PNG) with a minimum size of 1200 x 400, as well as your company logo.

Tip: If you are already using a logo for other social media accounts such as LinkedIn, the same sized logo will also fit in here.

Step 2 - Add information

Add some basic information about your company, such as the location of your headquarters, when your company was founded, and add a link to your website and social media pages.

Step 3 - Add pictures

You can upload up to four pictures which are displayed in the same order that you upload them. Please note that the pictures should be uploaded in JPG or PNG format and in a 16:9 ratio.

Step 4 - Add videos

You also have the option to embed up to two videos by entering either a YouTube or a Vimeo URL. The videos will be displayed before the photo gallery in your company profile.

Step 5 - Add a description

Next, enter a short description of your company and provide an overview of your company type, industry, and benefits of working there by selecting keywords.

Step 6 - Upload PDFs

Finally, you can add up to 5 PDF documents by simply clicking "Upload PDF" (please note that the file won't upload if the name of the file contains any special characters like & _ / etc.).

Make sure to save all of the changes you have made to your company profile by clicking on the "Update Information" button.

Finish off by checking out the preview of your completed company profile by clicking on "Preview" when entering the lobby of your event.

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