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How to add colleagues to your company profile
How to add colleagues to your company profile

Inviting your colleagues to the platform and managing their profiles

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Would you like to add your colleagues to your company profile, add them to certain events and maybe even manage their profiles? Find out how to do so with these three steps.


Upon logging into your account, click on your company's logo at the top navigation bar and click on the "Colleagues" tab.

Step 1 - Invite a new colleague

To invite a new colleague to your Talentspace company profile, click on "Invite a new Colleague" on the top right side of the "Colleagues" section.

Step 2 - Send an invite

To send out the invite, simply enter your colleague's first name and last name, as well as their e-mail address, and click on "Invite Colleague".


If you would like to manage your colleagues' profiles for them, you can also upload their picture, add them directly to events, and fill out their location, job title and description for them.

Step 3 - Monitor invites

Monitor your invites and check on their status:

Joined: Your colleague has completed their account and has joined the platform.

Pending: An invite was sent but your colleague has yet to log onto the platform.

You can resend and delete invitations, edit the profile, revoke a colleague’s access to your company profile or (re)assign colleagues to different events by clicking on the more options button next to each colleague's name.

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