The registration tab is where you will configure who can register for the event along with what information, if any, they will need ti enter before registering.

The registration tab is found within the event details drop-down. There are two different registration types. Open registration and application and selection.

Open registration means anyone who applies is immediately accepted to the event. Application & selection means applicants must be manually approved by the event organizer before gaining access.

Once you select a registration type you will have the option to set certain access restrictions. The available options are email domain and work permit. It is possible to add multiple email domains. Adding this restriction would mean only emails from these domains can register.

Next up are the registration questions. Here you can choose what information you want participants to enter during the registration process if any. The minimum requirements to create a participant profile on Talentapce are first and last name and an email address, so this option is always selected.

By toggling the various sections you can make information mandatory or optional. If the section isn't selected, the participant will not see this option during the registration process. Please note, once registered participants can fill all of this information in through the completion of their participant profile.

In the seventh section you have the option to upload your terms of service. Here you can select and upload a specific PDF file.

Don't forget to click on save to save your settings.

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