It is possible to host and co-host your own speeches and sessions as an organizer. you can also allocate specific timeslots for speeches and sessions to certain employers. Important note: event organizers are the only ones able to co-host sessions or speeches.

Within your event under the tab "event schedule" you will be able to add, manage and edit all program points of an event.

To Add a program point, click on the "+ Add Program Point" (red button in the upper right part of your screen).

On the "Add Program Point" screen, you will be able to select the host, program point type (speech or session), edit all information related to the program point (title, session format, date, start time, duration, number of participants, description and Speaker info)

The "Select Speech/Session Format" point indicates to which Slot (date/time range) this program point will be allocated. You can also create a program point that is not bound by created slots, by clicking on "not bound by event formats"

To co-host a program point (speech or session) with different exhibitors, you will have to add a program point with you (organizer) as the host. Then you will have to complete the following selection to select co-hosting exhibitors:

  1. NO on "Should all employees be able to join this session as (passive) attendees?"

  2. YES on "Should employees be able to actively participate in this Speech?"

  3. Lastly, you will be able to select exhibitors that are able to participate actively on stage.

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