1-1 chats are private chats between one participant and one employee, and they are designed to be pre-scheduled in the lead-up to the event. Depending on what your event organizer offers, 1-1 chat requests can be initiated by both employees and participants. Here's how to send out requests to participants, if you'd like to find out how to review participants' incoming requests, click here.

Configuring your availability

To configure your 1-1 chat schedule, go to Events in the top navigation bar, click on the event and locate the 1-1 Chat tab.

  1. The number of 1-1 chat slots allocated to your company is indicated here.

  2. and 3. If it's your first time configuring your 1-1 chat schedule, click on " More options". To edit your schedule later on or to add more slots, click the "More Options" button (indicated by the three vertical dots).

    * You have also the option to manage 1-1 Chats for your colleagues by clicking on the pink button "manage 1-1 Chats for colleagues". This article shows you how.

Durations available are configured by your event organizer and you can only offer one duration per event day (i.e. for multi-day events, you can choose a different duration for each day). Select your available time slots by choosing individual slots or click in "Select all".

If you'd like to provide participants with more information on who you're looking to speak with, fill in the sections to define the background, level of experience, languages, topics you'd like to discuss, or add a customized question for them to answer (this does not filter participants out). When you're happy with all the information and slots, click on "Confirm Availability" to save and publish your schedule.

Sending out a request to participants

If offered by your event organizer, you can send participants a 1-1 chat request from the Talent Profiles tab in the navigation bar at the top of the screen.

You can request for a 1-1 chat with a participant when reviewing their profile in the Talent Profiles tab. Click "Request 1-1 Chat", and choose which event you'd like to request the chat for. If a colleague has reached out to the participant, it will be indicated on the participant's profile (circled text)

Before you send your 1-1 request off, you have the chance to update your 1-1 chat availability for the whole event again. You can also include a short message with your request to pique the participant's interest. Click "Send Invitation" to complete the request process.

While you await the participant's response, track and follow the progress of all 1-1 chat requests in the event dashboard's 1-1 Chat tab.

  1. This box indicates the number of available 1-1 chat slots you have. Pending outgoing requests you have sent to participants will appear here.

  2. Here you get an overview of the number of 1-1 chats allocated by the organizer to your company and how many have been used.

  3. Requests tab: Your outgoing 1-1 chat requests to participants will appear here for participants to review and choose a time slot for. You can cancel a request by clicking on the more options button (indicated by the three vertical dots).

  4. Confirmed tab: Once a participant selects a time slot, the 1-1 chat is automatically confirmed and added to your schedule.

  5. You can update your 1-1 chat availability any time here.

Accessing confirmed 1-1 chats

During the live event, you can access a confirmed 1-1 chat through either the 1-1 Chat or My Schedule tab. Simply click on “Join” button to access the chat.

At the bottom of your screen, you’ll be able to share your screen, configure your microphone and camera, as well as to get in touch with Talentspace support if you need some assistance. In addition to interacting via video, you’ll be able to chat with the participant on the right side of the screen.

Find out how you can review incoming 1-1 chat requests from participants here.

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