Please note: 1-1 chats are only available once your event organizer launches the dashboard.

1-1 chats are private video chats between you and one employee. Depending on how your event organizer has configured the 1-1 chat format, requests can be sent by either employees or participants, or both. Your event organizer also sets limits on the number of 1-1 chat requests you'll be able to send out.

Sending and reviewing 1-1 chat requests

To begin sending and reviewing requests, go to the 1-1 Chats tab in the event dashboard. If you're specifically looking to speak with employees from a particular company, go to the Companies tab and click on the company profile for an overview of the employees available for 1-1 chats instead.

In the 1-1 Chat tab, you have an overview of all employees available for 1-1 chats

  1. This indicates the number of 1-1 chat requests you can send to employees. Once you've used up all your 1-1 chat credits, you will not be able to send out new requests. The limit is set by your event organizer.

  2. Open tab: All available employees for 1-1 chat are displayed here. Click "Request" and send them a short message with your request. Please take note of the number of request and number of open slots each employee has, so be strategic on your choice.

  3. Requests tab: Requests you've send to employees and incoming requests from employees will be displayed here.
    - For incoming requests you receive, you can approve or decline the employee's request for a 1-1 chat here.
    - If you’d like to withdraw a request you sent to an employee, click on the more options button (three vertical dots) to "Cancel Request".

  4. In Scheduling tab: Successful outgoing requests to employees are displayed here. In order to confirm the chat, you need to select an available time slot in the employee's schedule. If you'd like to cancel the request, click on “Cancel Request”.

  5. Confirmed tab: All approved and scheduled 1-1 chat requests show up here (this is also where you can join your pre-scheduled 1-1 chat during the live event). If you'd like to cancel the request, click on “Cancel Request”.

  6. Declined tab: All requests rejected by either you or an employee will show up here

  7. Completed tab: During and after the live event, you can take a look at the 1-1 chats you've taken part in here.

Accessing confirmed 1-1 chats

During the live event, you can access a confirmed 1-1 chat through either the 1-1 Chat or My Schedule tab. Simply click on “Join” button to access the chat.

At the bottom of your screen, you’ll be able to share your screen, configure your microphone and camera, as well as to get in touch with Talentspace support if you need some assistance. In addition to interacting via video, you’ll be able to chat with the employee on the right side of the screen.

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