Screen sharing is possible in all video formats on Talentspace. Additionally in speeches, sessions and live booths, you can also upload PDF files. Here's how:

Click on the screen share icon at the bottom of the screen and choose either to "Upload presentation", "Embed video" or "Share your screen".

1. "Upload presentation" to upload pdf files

  • When uploading pdf presentations, 16:9 format works best but A4 size would also work. The file size should be less than 50MB.

  • The uploaded file will be accessible for the entirety of the duration of the format, so you can upload a pdf before your scheduled session or speech and access if once the format begins.

  • To "Stop presenting", click on the the share screen icon. You can access the pdf again at any point during your speech, session, or live booth.

2. "Share your screen" to share a window or tab (Please note: the screen sharing function is not intended for sharing videos and/or sound)

3. "Embed video" to attach a youtube video link to a session/speech/live booth and present it to participants.

  • Only youtube videos are supported in the session/speech/live booth formats

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