Live booths are Talentspace's version of the physical employer stands at career fairs. Each employer has a live booth where you can drop in to ask all your questions, with no registration or sign up required. You enter a live booth without any microphone and camera capabilities, and will immediately be listening in on the conversation on screen.

Throughout the event and when the live booths have been scheduled by your event organizer, you can join active booths or request for inactive booths to be opened.

Joining a live booth

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to access and get on screen to speak with employees in a live booth.

In the Live Booth tab on your event dashboard, you get an overview of all the active and inactive booths hosted by companies. You can use the filter at the top to narrow down company live booths you'd like to visit. Before you enter a live booth, you can find out:

  1. The number of employees hosting that live booth

  2. The number of participants in the live booth

To join, simply click on "Join".

When you enter a live booth, you are not on screen, i.e. your microphone and camera are turned off. In the right side section of your screen, you can find more information and interact with employees:

  1. Company tab: Explore the company profile, in particular, the FAQs and Job tabs so that you can hold more informed conversations with employees.

  2. People tab: Gives you an overview of all employees and fellow participants in the live booth.

  3. Questions tab: Post and upvote questions here

  4. Chat tab: Interact via texts with employees here

To go on screen and interact with employees with full camera and microphone capabilities, click on the Request to join with Mic & Camera button at the bottom of your screen. This alerts the employee(s) to review your request to join them on screen. As there are only 4 available spots for participants, your request might not be approved if the spots are already filled. So be patient and you can also pop back in at a later time when there are fewer participants in the booth.

If you requested to go on-screen with your camera and microphone but changed your mind, you can also withdraw the request.

Once your request is approved, you have 5 seconds to opt-out. If you follow through with the request, you'll appear on screen and can interact with the employees. The functionalities available to you while on screen are:

  1. Turning your microphone and camera off

  2. Getting Talentspace support or assistance if you need some help

  3. Configuring the microphone and camera settings

  4. To go off-screen, click the "Deactivate Mic & Camera" button. This only removes you from the screen and you'll stay in the live booth.

  5. You can leave the live booth at any time by clicking on "Leave"

Please note that employees have the admin rights to remove you from the stage too.

Request to open an inactive live booth

Inactive live booths are booths that do not have any employees available at that point in time. You can, however, indicate your interest to speak with these companies and "Request to Open" their booths.

Click on "Request to Open" and if you'd like to join the booth the moment it's live, toggle on the Auto Join option.

Once your request is saved, you'll see a notification at the top of the screen. And the companies will be alerted of your interest in visiting their live booth.

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