What are the network connectivity requirements?

Bypassing firewalls and opening ports

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To use the full functionality of the Talentspace platform (particularly video streaming) you must grant access to its services over specific ports in order to work.

If you are on a work network, or any network behind a firewall, you may need to speak with your IT department or network administrator. When you do, please give them the websites below to whitelist, and the ports to open.


Whitelist the following domains:

  • *.talentspace.io

  • *.tokbox.com

  • *.opentok.com

  • res.cloudinary.com


Minimum Requirement:

The minimum requirement is that TCP port 443 and 80 are open. Some firewall/proxy rules only allow for SSL traffic over port 443. You will need to make sure that non-web traffic can also pass over this port.

Minimum Recommended:

In addition to the minimum requirements being met, we also recommend that UDP port 3478 is open.

Best Experience:

For the best possible experience, we recommend that UDP ports 1025 - 65535 be open.

Testing your network

Let's make sure your laptop or desktop can connect to our servers without any issues:

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