On Talentspace, you will be prompted to select your audio and video device so that people can hear and see you at the event, but if you are unable to select your AV options, it is probably because you need to give browser permissions for Talentspace to access your AV devices.

First, please be sure that you are using Chrome (preferred) or Firefox (backup) and that it is up to date.

If that doesn't work, be sure to give browser permissions in Chrome:

Allow Camera and Microphone in a web browser

1. Google Chrome
Option 1: Click on the padlock icon next to the URL field and make sure Camera and Microphone are set to Allow for app.talentspace.io web page.

Option 2: Allowing access via Preferences

In your Google Chrome browser, click on Chrome > Preferences > Privacy and Security > Site Settings

Scroll down to Permissions > locate Camera and Microphone. Click on either option and app.talentspace.io should be on the list of sites you allow access to for your camera and microphone. Make sure your camera and microphone are allowed for https://app.talentspace.io website.

You can also check to see if Talentspace has access to your devices by entering the following link to your Chrome browser URL field:


Under Permissions, locate Camera and Microphone. Talentspace should be one of the approved sites.

2. Mozilla Firefox

Option 1: Locate the video camera icon in the URL bar when you move into a video program point, click on it and a dropdown option should appear. Ensure that your camera and microphone have been enabled for app.talentspace.io.

Option 2: Allowing access via Preferences

In your Mozilla Firefox browser, click on Menu > Preferences

Click on Privacy and Security, scroll down to Permissions. Locate Camera and Microphone and click on Settings to grant app.talentspace.io access to your camera and microphone.

Note: Sometimes, third-party extensions can affect the experience by blocking some of the Talentspace interface elements. That’s why we also recommend opening the event in Incognito mode (command+Shift+N on macOS or Ctrl+Shift+N on Windows) on Chrome or Private tab (command+Shift+P for macOS or Ctrl+Shift+P for Windows) on Firefox.

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