Once you register for an event:

  1. Run the AV test as well as the network connectivity tests upon logging in for the first time. You can also access the test page here.

  2. Make sure your Talentspace profile is 100% complete here.

Once the event dashboard is published:

  1. Stay up-to-date with the on-goings of the event in the “Announcements” tab.

  2. Explore employers taking part in the event in the “Companies” tab, check out their company profiles, FAQs, and job openings.

  3. Register for speeches and/or sessions (video tutorial here)

  4. Send out 1-1 chat requests to employees (video tutorial here).

During the live online event, stay up to speed and navigate your way through in the event:

  1. “Live Feed” tab: Find out what program points employers are hosting by the minute.

  2. “Program” tab: Register for speeches and sessions that still have available spots.

  3. “1-1 Chats” tab: Access your confirmed 1-1 chats or send out requests.

  4. “Live Booth” tab: See and join employer live booths here

  5. “Schedule” tab: Your personalized schedule with all confirmed program points and the fastest way to access them.

To make the most out of an online event, you need to set aside time before the event to familiarize yourself with the Talentspace platform and look at all the employers participating in the event.

Talentspace makes it easy to read up and explore employers with a dedicated company profile, insights into each employer is divided into easy to navigate sections:

  1. Overview: General information about the company (description, number of employees, industry, etc).

  2. Sessions: Presentations, talks or workshops hosted by company employees to give you valuable insights into their work, industries, roles, career paths, and career advice.

  3. 1-1 Chats: Your chance to request private video chats with employers to find out more about the company and their role.

  4. Live booth (and Q&A Board): Post any questions you have for employers in this section and get them answered. If you have a more specific or personal question you'd like to talk about, you could also join the company’s live booth.

  5. FAQ: Companies post their most frequently asked questions here for you to read.

  6. Jobs: Available job openings will be updated by the companies here.

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